I just think it’s a little concerning how fast everyone turned to blaming John Green, one man, for the fact that Laverne Cox didn’t get into the Time 100. Like, he’s a problematic guy but he wasn’t the one who chose to exclude Laverne Cox. The people that work at TIME did. I think that we should redirect our hate to their transmisogynist cooperation instead of taking our anger out on a scapegoat. Actually do something about this. Write them professional letters. Boycott them. Set up petitions. Tell everyone you know to avoid them like the plague. 

I have to admit, some of the RIP John Green posts are pretty funny. But instead of making a meme we should be making an effort to show transmisogynists that we won’t take their bullshit. 


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ART: Sky Art Illustrations by Thomas Lamadieu

Genius French artist Thomas Lamadieu has illustrated a series of scenes in the sky directly onto photographs of urban landscapes.

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being small chested to begin with helps i suppose. pretty much every tank top is like a binder for me

the tank top im wearing is so tight it feels like a binder

imma cute boy today


well look what the smart aleck cat dragged in

What’s worse than watermelon that’s been sitting out too long?

The best of this losers instagram

Now I don’t want to seem overly optimistic but I think I did really well on my interview!!

I’m incredibly nervous about my interview. Job/school interviews have never made me feel this flipping nervous someone sing me soothing songs

I just whispered ‘I’m going to get a pet goat… someday’ to myself and my mother heard me.

Look at this dumb

Look at this dumb

I stupid

"hello, yes I’d like to purchase 43 litres of high gloss white paint thank you"