one of my best friends in the whole world is graduating university in 2 weeks! hes gonna be a full fledged accountant!! im so proud!!!

i fall in love with stiles a little more everyday

I think you can all appreciate the shirt I bought my brother today.

I think you can all appreciate the shirt I bought my brother today.

i wish i could continue to work retail but from my house

(boop beep)

is it ever not raining

My mom’s dog sneaking out of her room and jumping into my bed

dont you dare tell me theres such thing as too much ice cream keep your negativity to yourself 

What’s wrong with your eyes?! What’s wrong with your faaaaaaaaaaace?

there was a horrible accident

What’s up ladies *winkwonk*

hello are you a ufo

hello are you a ufo

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i need to join a multiplayer world in minecraft with people that like to build but not mine/cave. i suck at building and i just want to cave but then i have nothing to do with all my spoils #mineproblems

Have you ever looked at the reviews for a horror novel and not seen the word compelling. Didn’t think so

some one asked me how im asexual cause im hot???? what the actual heck? the simplest google search can explain why thats fucked up. you ignorant pricks need to get the hell out of here. how is it even possible to say something as stupid as that. im gonna say it clearly as possible













fried rice for breakfast dont look at me like that